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Trendsetters haircare is inspired by individuals
who take pride in there appearance and believe in living life to the fullest. With our full line of haircare products, you will find the perfecf fit for your hair. Our goal is to give your hair the healthiest care possible, leaving your hair with luster and manageability. Trendsetters Invigorating Peppermint Shampoo will sooth an itchy scalp and is sure to relax you while massaging your head with its tingling sensation. Trendsetters Herbal Conditioner compliments our shampoo by strengthening the hair shaft and adding moisture for shine. For a flaky or dry scalp we have Trendsetters Wave Enhancer which gets rid of dandruff, it's also a nice touch after removing your du-rag. Trendsetters haircare products come in the perfect size for travel, so you can take everything you need with you on your trip, to keep yourself looking and feeling your best. Our haircare products can be found in beauty supply and barbershops around the country. For those who want the 360 waves, spinners etc; our Wavemaker cream moisurtizer is the perfect product to start with, as your hair gets longer Wavemaker grease will make your waves more deeper and defined. You will find that Wavemaker is able to achieve this look with out weighing your hair down or rinsing out before your ready. With our Wavemaker products you will have a unique experience giving you the appearance you've been looking for, unlike any other products for waves..
For best results for healthy looking hair use our products on a regular basis in conjuction with each other depending on your style. If you shave on a regular basis your prone to razor bumps, so to solve that issue we have Barber Remedy. This product works very well for your severe and mild cases of razor bumps by drying out those bumps while conditioning the skin. After clearing up those razor bumps you will want to exfoliate your skin. Shaving causes excessive dead skin cells. Our Expressions Facial Scrub and Facial Cleanser will rejuvenate your skin with moisture, leaving your skin clean and healthy looking with out drying out your face like soap does.Trendsetters haircare has been around since 2004 with the goal in mind of producing the highest quality product possible. This idea came about from feedback from Barbers clients who were unhappy with hair products and the results they were getting. With the launch of Wavemaker in 2004 it has been a true success and has branched out into a full line of high quality products with mens grooming needs in mind. Check out our tips to keeping your hair looking good all the time, also read what others are saying about Trendsetters haircare products. Stay intouch as we add more to our line of fine products.

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